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I'm having problems buying a subscription

Some transactions get rejected during payment processing due to poor internet connection. If that is not the case, please refer to the following tips:

If you received a payment failure notification

  1. Reach out to your bank and inform them of this authorize payment;
  2. Reach out to us if your bank requires additional information from us. Please provide the email address of your Lingvist account and where you were trying to make the purchase (our website/ Google Play Store/ Apple App Store).

What could be happening: Some US banks require prior notice for a transaction outside of the US regions, and some international banks do not have online payments enabled on all cards by default. In both cases, the funds will be promptly returned to the payer’s account.

For iOS users, if you are encountering the “Cannot connect to iTunes Store” error message:

There is a very small chance that iOS users will see this error message after pressing “Cancel” in the payment confirmation pop-up.

Please refer to this article by Apple Support for several potential ways to solve this problem.

If none of these measures are effective, users can also purchase through our web platform under Account > Subscription.

If you didn’t receive a payment failure notification (but you do not have access on your account)

  1. Reach out to your bank and check if the funds were charged or reserved on your account;
  2. Get in touch with us and let us the email address of your Lingvist account, when and where you were trying to make the purchase (our website/ Google Play Store/ Apple App Store), and what the status of your funds is (reserved or charged). Please attach any payment confirmations (bank statements) that you have.

What could be happening: Sometimes technical errors occur during the payment process and the funds get stuck between the status of reserved and charged. This can be solved after we compare the bank’s information about the payment with that of our own.

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