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How to enter special characters (díæcrïtics)

Here’s a detailed list of how you can get hold of special characters, also called diacritics.

Desktop computer:

Click the up arrow to bring up the diacritics menu and select the letter that you need.
Alternatively, click the Äß / Éç / Éñ icon to do the same.

special characters

Mac (easy)

Press and hold one of the letters that you want to translate into a diacritic (a, o, u, s) and wait for the inbuilt function to appear. Then select the letter you need by pressing a number. To get ß, press and hold s, then click 1.

Windows (difficult)

It is a more difficult path – check this article if you are feeling adventurous. Or use the Shift+Up Arrow combination!

iOS and Android:

Option 1

Press the diacritics icon (left of the Reveal button) to pull up the menu.

diacritics icon

Option 2

Add the respective (German, French, Spanish) keyboard to your list of keyboards.

Precise steps may vary depending on the OS version but generally should follow this path:

Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> List of keyboards -> Add New Keyboard.

Once you have the keyboard added, the app will pick it automatically every time you open the course.

Option 3

Press and hold the letter you want to change into a diacritic (a, u, o, s) until the inbuilt menu appears. Select the necessary letter by pressing the corresponding number.