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      Voice input isn't working!

      If you cannot use the voice input function in our native apps (voice input is not available on the website), here’s a standard troubleshooting check-list for voice input:

      1. Make sure you have very stable internet connection in general. WiFi is always recommended over cellular data.
      2. Make sure you’re not using any type of headphones/earphones during the troubleshooting.
      3. Update your app to the latest build. Do this by going to the App Store or Google Play store and clicking “update” (if available).
      4. Restart the app.
      5. Make sure to enable voice input in your mobile OS.
        1. On Apple, go to Settings -> General -> Keyboard and toggle Enable Dictation.
        2. On Android, go to Device Settings -> Personal -> Language & Input, then look for the Speech -> Voice Input section.
      6. Make sure to turn on voice input on Lingvist. Go to Settings -> Enable speech input.

      Enable voice input

      1. Try voice input in other apps. If it works in other apps but not in Lingvist, please send us a screenshot of whether you see the microphone icon at all, and if so, what happens when you click on it, along with the following information:
        1. whether it doesn’t work on cards or in Speaking Challenges, or both.
        2. whether it doesn’t work on all cards, or just some of them.