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      What is a deck?

      Lingvist users have the privilege of choosing the focus of study (such as business or travel).

      Available decks vary by the language course and can be selected from the hub.

      Lingvist decks

      Here is a list of decks in our various languages. Click the link to find out more about each deck.

      Decks in Spanish:

      Object PronounsColorsFruits
      HouseholdBody PartsMedical Spanish
      TravelBusiness SpanishLove
      Talking Football (Soccer)  

      Decks in French:

      A Weekend in ParisLove in FrenchEnvironment
      NutritionPrepositions in FrenchHealth
      New TechnologiesThe Human BodyThe Family
      Activities & Leisure TimeFeelings and EmotionsThe Supernatural
      HolidaysThe WeatherDebating

      Decks in German:

      Football (Soccer)QuestionsGerman Bureaucracy