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Why do I see easy words all of a sudden?

As you know, the spaced repetition regimen is tasked with scheduling reviews for previously learned material. As this also includes material you’ve acquired early in the course, it may appear as though the app is suddenly showing you really easy words. Some learners report that they had never seen these words, but in reality almost every time all of these words had been seen previously and normally answered correctly at once (which explains why it wasn’t vital for anyone to “remember” answering them).

If you have been learning for a while (more than 6 months) and have started seeing really easy words all of a sudden, it means you are reviewing the basics. This phase will come to an end quite quickly after you answer these words correctly.

If you have just started learning recently and find the words too easy, it is possible that the app is still calibrating to your knowledge level. Give it some more time and it will catch up (unless you already know a lot more than our courses can provide in the language you are learning, in which case you will graduate quite soon).

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