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Why do I see a bunch of new words? Can I just review the words that I have learned before?

You will start to see new words as soon as you finish all your “words at risk”. If you do not wish to learn new words, you can simply stop learning when you start to see new words and come back the next day for more “words at risk”.

At the moment, you cannot repeat words on demand.

You can try to benefit from the “favorite” and “playlist” features within the wordlist to revise specific groups of words.

It may feel like you are far from fluency with the words you learned previously, but it only means that spaced repetition is working as intended. The spaced repetition formula is tasked with repeating words at the optimal time (not too soon and not too late), when you are starting to forget but you can still remember. This is why repeating certain words when you know that you don’t know them is normally too soon.

If you want to learn more about spaced repetition, check our blog post about spaced repetition in learning.

If you want to add your own words, please check out Custom Decks (available for French, Spanish, and German).

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