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      Why won't you accept synonyms?

      We do sometimes accept synonyms, but not in all cases. Usually this is because we want to teach specific expressions in a specific context (Remember, all of our courses are built by linguists in the language you are learning).

      We are also aware that there are acceptable synonyms in some cases that are not recognized by us. We are always looking at adding more synonyms.

      The most helpful is to report the card when you think a synonym should have been accepted by following these steps:

      1. On the card for which a synonym should have been accepted, click the flag in the top right corner.
      2. Click Report a problem.
      3. Click My synonym was not accepted.

      report synonym

      Our team reviews these reports periodically and will update the card if they agree with your suggestion.

      In case of doubt, send us a screenshot and your suggestion, and we will review it.