You just have to love what you do.

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We are proud and excited to be experts in our respective fields, whether it’s programming, marketing, design, or linguistics. So although we haven’t all discovered the Higgs boson (our co-founder did that) or built Skype (another co-founder), we are united by a common goal to make difficult things really, really simple for our end users.

Lingvist is a fast-growing, flat, and meritocratic company that has already gained international attention as an alumnus of TechStars London, as well as won the confidence of investors by raising an impressive seed round. We are in a position to scale up, build a strong team, and guide the language-learning industry into the future.

What we’re looking for

  • Passion for self-learning and self-improvement (whatever your field)
  • honesty
  • ambitious goals
  • sense of humor
  • team spirit

What you get

  • Competitive wages
  • equity package
  • friendly work environment – we know the value of work-life balance and flexibility
  • team lunches and off-site events

There’s always room for good people

We will let you do what you do best, and you’ll see the results of your work instantly. If you’re as excited as we are about making the world learn languages faster than ever, then drop us your CV. We will get back to you if we believe you are a good fit.

Get more from Lingvist

We have created an app that gets the most out of Lingvist and your device. Download the app and enjoy Lingvist at its best.