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Lingvist is the fastest way to supercharge your vocabulary.

Efficient Learning

Our AI will customize your study list so you retain the words you’ve already learned in your long-term memory.

Voice Input

Save time and get through more words faster with our voice input feature. It’s also a great way to practice your pronunciation!

Lingvist Decks

Lingvist Decks are themed courses to help you learn vocabulary about different topics. Decks vary from language to language and can include topics like football, travel, medicine, and more. And we are adding more all the time!

Full Word Access

With Lingvist, you can learn as many new words as you like each day and enjoy access to entire courses – between 4900–5200 words, depending on the language. You will also have access to your full word list to see what words you have learned and where you need work.

Focus on small study sessions throughout the day to level up your vocabulary learning.

NEW! Lingvist Custom Decks for Spanish and French

Lingvist Custom Decks are the quickest way to learn what you want by creating the deck you need. Have some vocabulary you want to study with Lingvist? Add it to Custom Decks. Have an article you want to read? Paste it into Custom Decks and it will generate a deck of cards for you!

You can control what example sentences appear in your decks, and you can also easily share it with classmates or friends.

Lingvist Custom Decks

Lingvist Decks

Here is a list of our current Lingvist decks, offered in various languages:


A Holiday in SpainAnimals in SpanishClothes in Spanish
Football (Soccer)Fruits in SpanishTravel in Spanish
BusinessMedical SpanishLove in Spanish
Colors in SpanishThe FamilyThe Human Body
Your Home


A Weekend in ParisHealthFeelings and Emotions
Love in FrenchNew TechnologiesThe Supernatural
EnvironmentThe Human BodyHolidays
NutritionThe FamilyThe Weather
Prepositions in FrenchActivities and Leisure TimeDebating


Football (Soccer)QuestionsGerman Bureaucracy


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Lingvist Features

fill in the blank cardfill in the blank card

Efficient Learning

Get the most out of Lingvist by studying in 20- to 40-minute sessions at least four times per week. Our AI will customize your study list so you retain the words you’ve already learned in your long-term memory and give you new words as you are ready to take on more.

Voice Input

Practice your amazing accent while saving time with our voice input feature. Repetition is key to retaining knowledge, and speaking these foreign words is the next step needed in becoming fluent faster.

voice inputvoice input
word listword list

Word List

Easily view the words you have learned and how many times you have practiced them, along with the pronunciation and example sentence.