Changes to the Lingvist Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

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We’ve updated the Lingvist Terms of Service and Privacy Policy so that we can bring you new partnerships and grow Lingvist for our community of users.

The summary provided here is for your convenience only and is not legally binding. We encourage you always to review any Terms of Service or Privacy Policy in full before accepting them.

Lingvist courses will continue to be free to use until further notice.

Summary of Changes to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Here’s what’s been updated:

  • Lingvist is no longer classified as a beta service.
  • There is a new section to cover language pairs that will be offered in cooperation with our partner companies. Our services for these pairs are provided with your further acceptance of our partner companies’ respective agreements, in addition to the Lingvist Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
  • The Terms of Service have been further detailed with regard to potential future paid products in terms of refunds, money-back warranties, and termination of subscriptions.
  • The list of data analytics services we use and their respective privacy policies has been updated.

If you agree with these changes, simply continue using Lingvist as before. If you have more questions or do not agree with the changes, please contact our customer support by e-mailing

New Terms of Service valid from 1.03.2017.

New Privacy Policy valid from 1.03.2017.

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