Lingvist Unlimited

Unlock the power to retain vocabulary like never before with Lingvist Unlimited. Get unlimited access to new words, challenges, and course focuses, as well as 4900+ words in our Spanish, French, German, Russian, and English language courses.

Smart, Personalized Repeats

Our AI will give you the words you need to recall when they are most likely to be maintained in your long-term memory. This is based on data from all of our users, as well as your own learning behavior.

Lingvist Unlimited is the fastest way to supercharge your vocabulary.

Unlimited Learning

No longer will you be limited by how many words you can learn per day. With Lingvist Unlimited, you can learn as many new words per day as you like from our courses and complete as many challenges as you wish.

Voice Input

Save time and get through more words faster with our voice input feature. It's also a great way to practice your pronunciation!

Course Focuses

Course focuses are themed courses to help you learn vocabulary about different topics. Courses vary from language to language and can include topics like football, travel, medicine, and more. And we are adding more all the time!

Full Word Access

With Lingvist Unlimited, you can learn as many new words as you like each day, take unlimited challenges, and enjoy access to entire courses – between 4900–5200 words, depending on the language. You will also have access to your full word list to see what words you have learned and where you need work.

Focus on small study sessions throughout the day to level up your vocabulary learning.


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Lingvist Unlimited Features

Unlimited Learning

No longer will your momentum be halted by the new word limit. Get the most out of Lingvist Unlimited by studying in 20-40 minute sessions at least once per day, if not more. Our AI will customize your study list so you retain the words you already learned in long-term memory, and give you new words as you are ready to take more on. Unlimited challenges are also available for you to test your listening, reading, speaking and grammar skills.

Voice Input

Practice your amazing accent while saving time with our voice input feature. Repetition is key to retaining knowledge, and speaking these foreign words is the next step needed in becoming fluent faster.

Word List

Easily view the words you have learned, how many time you have practiced them, along with the pronunciation and example sentence.

Free Unlimited
Learn all the words we have in any language 3000
Learn as many new words per day as you want 20
Unlimited access to all reading, listening, and speaking challenges 1 per day
Practice and learn new words on our apps by speaking
Choose a course focus that matches your goals to make learning more relevant
Get access to 1:1 support