Learn French Vocabulary with Lingvist

Looking to increase your French vocabulary? With Lingvist’s Course Wizard, you can learn from a pool of up to 20,000 words. All of it comes in contextual phrases, so you’re not just learning the language, but also learning how it might be used in real-world settings.

Our general course offers 5,000 of the most commonly used words in French, but if you need more, you can always use our various course focuses. They are crafted by our linguists and focus on French phrases and vocabulary related to topics such as the weather or holidays in France.

Learn Specific French Vocabulary with Course Focuses

Want to express your love in French? We have a course for that. What about working on your French prepositions? There is a course focus for that too! From topics on the human body and family, all the way to the supernatural, we have more than a dozen French courses that focus on vocabulary and phrases related to a specific topic:

A Weekend in Paris Love in French Environment
Nutrition Prepositions in French Health
New Technologies The Human Body The Family
Activities & Leisure Time Feelings and Emotions The Supernatural
Holidays The Weather Debating

We are continually creating more course focuses, so if you have something you are looking for specifically and don’t want to build your own course (see Course Wizard below), then write to us at hello@lingvist.io!

Course focuses are a Lingvist Unlimited paid feature. Along with these, Unlimited members get access to all words in our courses and can study as many new words per day as they want. Other benefits include voice input and challenges to help you practice as you learn.

In addition, Unlimited members learning French or Spanish can use our amazing Course Wizard to build their own courses!

Build your own French vocabulary course with Course Wizard

If you have interests that are not covered by any of our courses focuses, you can always use Course Wizard. It’s super easy, and it is available on iOS, Android, and web.

To use it, you first enter either keywords around the topic you would like to learn, or – if you don’t have a specific list of keywords you’d like to learn – you can copy and paste some text on your desired topic in either French or English, and you are all set!

You will then see a preview of the French vocabulary Course Wizard has created, along with the French phrases that will be used to help you learn these words. You can delete words you don’t want to study or already know, and you can also change the example sentence, if there is one that fits your topic a bit better.

After you have tailored things in the preview, it takes a few seconds for Course Wizard to start pairing the French spoken audio to the French phrases in your course. Once that’s done, it’s time to start learning.

Have a friend you are studying with? Or perhaps you are a French teacher? Or maybe you are just super friendly and outgoing and want to share your course with the world? Whatever the case, you can now easily share Course Wizard courses too!

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